Freya is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty and sexual desire, and also of abundance and Magic.

She is a fascinating Goddess, very much in keeping with today’s woman; she’s free, independent and with that point between earthly and magical. She didn’t renounce to motherhood, sensuality, or freedom.

Like so many ancient Goddesses, Freya, while representing love and sexual desire and childbirth, is also associated with death and war. In addition, she is the leader of the Valkyries, female warrior spirits who collect the souls of the dead in battle, and the Disir, protective female ancestral spirits who have connection with destiny. She completes the circle of life.

Freya is a Goddess rich in nuances, symbolism and qualities, who invites you to embrace your sensual nature, not only in terms of the sexual aspect, but also to delight the five senses, bringing a better sense of presence and more intuition. She also calls you to enjoy life and increase your sense of yourself. She is a good ally when you need to feel strong in your own skin, or establish healthy limits to protect what is yours.

She is also a Goddess closely related to Magic, or rather to Nordic shamanism or seidr, so she balances the earthly with the magical, what we call “walking between worlds”.

This is actually something necessary to create through your vibration; not only balance, but also to do Magic in your life.

Her symbols speak of all these qualities: cats, a symbol of independence and associated with magic, its cape of hawk feathers, which allows Her to fly, and symbol of freedom, the collar that makes it have magnetism, and amber, that represents the connection between the psychic and spiritual part … and these are just some of the “clues” She leave to us.

Powerful, leader, warrior, balanced, confident that she knows what she wants and goes for it, free … we could say that She is what most women are today, or want to be.

So I feel Her very close to the current woman, a Master through her archetype, her qualities and her teachings.

As I always say, mythology still has a lot to teach us.

What quality of Freya stands out to you the most?

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